Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dragon Exhibition now up in Muskoka Place Gallery!

The Year of the Dragon Print Exhibition is now on display in Muskoka in Northern Ontario at Muskoka Place Gallery.  For  more photographs of the show please see:

Next in line will be the Ottawa School of Art Show and Print Exchange. 

Thanks to all printmakers for making this a great Year of the Dragon

Friday, April 6, 2012

Year of the Dragon Exhibition in Muskoka Place Gallery

The Year of the Dragon is currently on exhibit at the Muskoka Place Gallery near Port Carling, Ontario. Please visit their website to see the show installed!

The exhibition opened March 22 and runs through April, 2012.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Dragon-Bot' - Etching Construction

'Celtic Dragon' - Linocut on Handmade Paper

'Leonard's Dragon' - Etching

Dragon: Silkscreen

A Dragon's Tale: Etching with Chine Colle

Dragonflies: Traditonal Japanese Wood Block

Dragonesque: Soft Ground Etching on St Armand Paper

Silver Scaled Dragon: Letterpress on handmade paper

2012 Year of the Dragon: Woodcut

Anno Draconis: Linocut on Japanese Paper

Year of the Dragon: Relief

Relic: Linocut

Puff the Magic Dragon: Collagraph

Dragon: Silkscreen

Dragon Constellation: Woodcut and Stencil

Year of the Dragon: Linocut

Dragon: Linocut

Year of the Dragon: Linocut

Year of the Dragon: Linocut

Year of the Dragon: Linocut

y Ddraig Goch: Woodcut

Dougie: Lift Ground Aquatint

The Big Box of Prints from Ottawa School of Art

Dragon Fruit: Linocut Reduction

Give and Take: Linocut

Victory: Linocut

Caspar, Friendly Dragon: Linocut

Chinese Emperor's King of Dragons: Linocut

Dragonesque: Dry Point Chine Colle

Pleine Lune: Mixed Media

Dragon: Linocut

BE FIERCE! Linocut

Year of the Dragon 2012: Intaglio

Draco: Linocut

Heeere Be Dragon Flies: Woodcut on found paper

Red Moon 2012: Silkscreen

Dragon Play Intaglio

L'Alex: Etching Drypoint and embossing

La Perle du Dragon: Drypoint and Linocut


Mail from all over the World with Dragons inside!

Water Dragon: Linocut

Year of the Dragon Linocut on Masa Paper

Dragon Fruit: Reduction Lino on Ho Sho Paper